5 Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight?

5 Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight?

Losing weight can be frustrating. For a vast majority, it can be challenging and for a few, it's the usual New Year resolution that's broken after a few days.

There's a rationale behind why you can't lose weight. The first thing is the wrong notion that the vogue diets for losing weight work for all. Several of these popular diets work to some extent on some individuals for a few days or for a few weeks. You may be one of those few lucky ones to lose some weight, yet how much and for how long it will work depends on several facts. Impractical goals and over expectations from fad diets can be one of the several reasons of that stubborn weight.

This article will point out 5 reasons, “Why you can't lose weight?” along with the ways to achieve your goal without dieting and a quick fix remedy for weight loss.

Why You Can't Lose Weight

  1. You are munching on unhealthy snacks

    Day 1, you decide. Yes, I'm ready for the big start. You pack all the healthy stuffs to chomp on during those craving episodes. For a few days or weeks, you stick to this diet. Then a day comes when you share your lunch with one of your colleagues and you end up having cheese burger with some French fries. And lo! Your vow to have only healthy snack flies out of the office window.

    Don't make impractical vows. Rather, shift to healthy lifestyle and healthy weight loss choices.

  2. You are binge eating

    Munching on salad leaves may be filling for some; however, those who love to snack on fritters would never love this on their diet chart.

    Diets that make you binge will not serve the purpose and that will only be a step towards unsuccessful diet plan. Make practical plans that you can stick to.

  3. You are erratic

    Being self-disciplined is a challenge. Question yourself for how many weeks you can continue with your new healthy lifestyle? Being inconsistent with your eating and exercising pattern fails you.

  4. Your medical conditions play spoilsport

    Medical issues like PCOS and hypothyroidism badly affect in weight gain. Another problem is water retention, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome. Medications for depression, anxiety, diabetes effects one's weight.

Can You Lose Weight Without Dieting?

After solving the mystery “Why you can't lose weight?” let's find what's the possibility of losing weight without dieting.

Mindfulness, focus and mindset not only improves overall health, but it can drive weight loss and weight management.

A few steps can help you go a long way

  • Mindful eating: Improvement in your eating habits is the first step towards achieving your goal and that includes averting a weight loss plateau. Using dining table and avoiding sitting in front of TV sets while eating is also a part of mindful eating.
  • Attention: Physiological symptoms like bloating, acidity or indigestion need attention. Medical conditions and the problems associated with it has to be addressed. Being little attentive to your medical needs will take you a long way in your weight loss voyage.
  • Consistency: Weight loss is not an overnight process. It's not a magic and you are not a wizard. It's the good habit and healthy lifestyle that will result in successful weight loss. Healthy eating habits, regular exercise and adequate sleep are few keys to hit the healthy weight goal.

Need to know the quick fix remedy to lose weight?

Ayurvedic herbal liquid formula Tribaslim is an herbal way to boost metabolism and induce weight loss. Packed with goodness of Red Aloe, Coffee Arabica and Tinospora Cardifolia blended with herbs such as giloy, ajwain, daruhaldi, haritaki, pippal, nirgundi, etc .

Red Aloe Vera is a species of Aloe family that is 22 times potent than other aloe species and is a magical metabolic booster. Green Coffee beans has chlorogenic acid, a compound that is natural appetite suppressor. Tinospora cardifolia expediate digestion process.

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