Can Sleeping More Help You Lose Weight? Here's the Truth

Can Sleeping More Help You Lose Weight? Here's the Truth

Sleep has always been associated with beauty and good health. A good night sleep energizes you and keeps you active for the whole day. Sleep deprivation has direct effect on our health and wellbeing.

Experts say, if you want to shed few pounds you need to get enough sleep. Less sleep causes hormonal disturbances and that leads to weight gain. There are increasing evidences that those who sleep less than seven to eight hours are more prone to gaining weight and being obese.

Adverse Effects of Sleep Deficiency

Burning the midnight oil offers ample time to work, though it also gives time to munch on food too. It is seen that people who keep awake late tend to eat more than those who sleep early.

Sleep deficiency disturbs hormone called ghrelin, which is an appetite-boosting hormone or “the hunger hormone.” Hormone acts like a harbinger and regulates different functions of the body. Those who keep awake late are prone to making unhealthy food choices. They tend to snack more often and have irregular eating pattern.

There are conclusive evinces that sleeping less than required amount leads to obesity. If you want to lose weight, ensure that you get sufficient sleep. Moreover, sticking to balanced and healthy diet and making healthy food choices aids in achieving and upholding a healthy body weight.

The better choice besides following a balanced diet, getting regular sleep and exercise is adhering to Ayurveda.

According to Ayurveda, Nidra or sleep is quintessential for all living being for reinvigoration. The foremost purpose of sleep is augmentation of Ojas or vitality. Proper rest is critical for health and weight management.

Tribaslim, an herbal liquid formula, has rarest ingredients that has proven properties to promote weight loss. The foremost is Red Aloe Vera. It is rarest of the 400 species of aloe vera and has 22 times more potent compounds to boost metabolism. Metabolism plays the vital role in weight loss.

Green coffee bean, known as fat-burner is rich in chlorogenic acid, which is a natural appetite suppressor. Tinospora cardifolia acts as a toxin remover and is a powerful antioxidant.

The combination of these ingredients as per Ayurvedic formulation induce weight loss. To amplify its effect, Tribal Slimming Oil works superficially on the body parts that have tendency to deposit fat like belly, thigh, upper arms and hips.

Bid adieu to extra pounds with Tribaslim.

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