How Important is Weight Loss for a Healthy Life

How Important is Weight Loss for a Healthy Life

If you are struggling with excess weight, you are not alone. It is opined that around 2 billion adults globally are currently overweight. On a survey conducted in 2021 across 30 countries, obesity ranked 5th as the biggest health problem faced by the people.

A small jump in weight is common and nothing much to be worried about, and that may even be not related to any diet at all. But there may be times when the weight gain shoots up like the demand for pumpkins during Halloween. Abrupt weight gain can be concerning and disturbing at the same time.

So how much is too much?

Adding extra 5 pounds during holiday season is okay, but gaining that much within weeks or even days without you making any change in your diet is really a matter of concern.

Then what could be the reason of this upsurge in weight? In this article, let's discuss what are some common culprits that cause weight gain and how important is losing weight for a healthy life.

Some Common Culprits that Cause Weight Gain

Too Much of Salt

Sodium is responsible for water retention in your body. If you are a person who can't skip that extra sprinkle of salt over your salad, you are adding extra weight in form of water in your body. Fast foods are rich in sodium content. If you have currently started carrying too many of takeout and restaurant food, that could be the reason for your sudden weight gain.

Lack of Potassium

Potassium helps in working of muscles and regulates blood pressure. Sodium and potassium go hand-in-hand. If one of them get disturbed, overall health and hydration suffers.

New Medication

There are several medications that has tendency to cause weight gain. According to Bariatric and Metabolic Institute, medication can cause a 15 percent of obesity cases.

Mainly two medications are likely to cause weight gain. One is anti-depression drug and the other is heart disease drug or beta blockers. But there are others like sleeping pills, anti-allergic drugs, or even some pain killers that can cause an uptick in weight.

Switch to High Carbo Diet

Have you changed your diet plan from low-carb to a diet with more grains, starch and fat? If answer is affirmative, you are going to notice a surge in scale. Carbs are stored in your muscles and liver as glycogen.

Endocrine Disorder

According to National Institute of Health, one in five adults has dysfunctional thyroid or hypothyroidism. This is more common among females than males. It can cause sudden weight gain. If you are suffering from endocrine dysfunction, weight gain is not the only symptom you face but fatigue, depression, headache, or irritability are all added to your sufferings.

These are some of the agents responsible for adding up extra weight within short period of time.

Now, if you have vowed to lose those extra pounds to gain a healthy weight, here are the list of benefits that you are about to unleash.

Benefits of Losing Weight

Is it not a good thing that even a 5 percent or 10 percent of weight loss has immense benefit on health and can make you feel better? That means you don't have to slim down to zero size to enjoy the real health benefits.

Now, what are those benefits?

Your joints feel happy

The extra weight that exerts pressure on knees and joints are eased up. Extra fat can cause inflammation of joints. Less weight means less chance of arthritis in your later life.

Less changes of cancer

Studies show weight loss has direct effect on lowered risk of breast cancer in women. Though there is no clear evidence, but some changes in risk related to hormone linked cancer lowers down with weight loss.

Forestalls Type 2 Diabetes

Losing excess weight reduces the risk of complications and reduced number of medicines. Though diabetes causes unexplained weight loss, studies found that people with type 2 diabetes had improved blood sugar levels with loss of 2% of their body weight.

Better Sleep

Sleep has direct relationship with weight gain and weight loss. Less weight means good sleep. Good sleep leads to better weight management. But yes, overdoing anything is harmful.

Winding up

In spite of its challenges, weight loss has innumerable health and lifestyle benefits. Igniting the will can be daunting, but the success depends on you by taking it slow and being honest to yourself.

Diets, exercise and supplements support your weight loss journey. Realistic plan and patience are key to accomplish your goal.

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