How to Lose Weight Naturally?

How to Lose Weight Naturally?

Come the festive season and you want to look trendy in your supercool dress and lo! you can't fit into it. Lost interest…mood spoilt.

Now what? Search internet…

There comes a zillion suggestions on the internet “Drink green tea with a touch of honey, a dash of lemon, and a bit of ginger” …. “Why don't you eat garlic on empty stomach” …remedies, remedies and more remedies. I wonder how many people have lost weight with these remedies. May be a few would have, but isn't there any foolproof remedy that really works?

It's not always that that you are overweight and want to lose a few pounds. If you are a fitness fanatic, you always like being in a perfect shape.

What makes one gain weight?

Hypothyroidism: A cause of unexplained weight gain. This hormonal disturbance makes you feel bloated and you retain a lot of water and have puffiness in your body. Low energy level, dry skin, hair loss is common problem faced by a person who has elevated TSH level.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: One in five women has PCOS these days. It has become a common factor in women to gain sudden weight around their mid-section.

Stress: Calmer your mind leaner will be your body. Stress adds a few pounds in your body as well as in your mind.

Medications: Beware if you are popping too many of over-the-counter sleeping pills. You are giving a reason to your body to bulk up. Some medical conditions do need taking few medicines that are known to add up weight.

Lifestyle: Late night work or late-night parties, smoking, consumption of alcohol, waking up late, no exercise, binge eating, sedentary life style results in weight gain.

The list of causes of weight gain goes on… Better we discuss the brighter side.

Embrace Ayurvedic system of medicine for weight loss.

Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine, has answer to how to lose weight naturally. It has simple, achievable and practical viewpoint to weight loss. En voyage you can also regain your lively health and sense of well-being

As mentioned by Ayurveda, weight gain is related to kapha dosha. Kapha dosha and weight gain are interlinked. Increase in kapha dosha leads to weight gain and increase in weight provokes kapha dosha.

There are few really effective herbs that are beneficial in weight loss. One of them is Red Aloe Vera.

Red aloe vera is one of the 400 species of aloe vera and about 22 times more potent than common aloe vera in chemical composition. It is known to be the Knight of Aloe Empire, a potent metabolism booster.

Green Coffee bean is a natural fat-burner. Coffee bean extract has chlorogenic acids that has antioxidant properties and helps in weight loss.

A powerful herb known for its immunity boosting ability is Tinospora Cardifolia, which is commonly known as Giloy or Guduchi. It detoxifies and cleanses the digestive system.

Daru Haridra or Daru Haldi, botanically known as Berberis aristata has berberine compound that slows down enterotoxins and reduces the level of liver enzymes.

Based on ayurvedic formulation, the combination of these potent herbs is found in an Herbal Liquid Formula, Tribaslim, that aids in weight loss. Using Tribal slimming oil externally amplifies the effect of oral Tribaslim liquid and expediates weight loss process.

Whether drinking lemon tea with honey helps in weight loss or not, but the herbs found in Tribaslim has proven efficacy to burn the stubborn fat and help you lose weight.

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